#NZWF21 More Selections

#NZWF21 More Selections

Congratulations to the second group of titles announced for this year’s NZ Web Fest.
We’re naming two shows for each category we’ve received submissions for – plus a few extra in the International Narrative category, as that’s always the biggest.

The shows join the previously-announced titles (coloured blue below).

First out of the blocks are…



Chloe and the Crash Test, directed by Anton Steel, Alyssa Stringfellow

Lower East Asides, directed by Steve Becker

The Night Cashier, directed by Dirk Rosenlöcher


Animated Show

The Adventures of Ze, directed by Quentin Lewis

Forest League, directed by Sergio Kalili

My Pride, directed by Madeleine Patton


International Factual

Tiny Garden, directed by Kenneth Cheong, Victor Manggunio

Voices of the River, directed by Stephanie King

Bboys & Bgirls Africa, directed by Marc-Aurèle Vecchione


International Narrative

Fake Live, directed by Alexandre Paes Leme

Heat, directed by Martijn Winkler

Love, Guns & Level Ups, directed by Andrew Shanks, Nicholas Cleary

Pepper: Ricochet, directed by Caris Vujcec

The Communist’s Daughter (top image), directed by Leah Cameron

The Band Formerly Known As, directed by Lydia Parker


NZ Factual

The Collective, directed by Alexis Smith, Rachale Davies

Scratched: Aotearoa’s Lost Sporting Legends, directed by Madeline Chapman

Inside Outside, directed by Rebecca Cameron


NZ Narrative

Ahikāroa, directed by
Te Manawanui Rawiri, Kiel McNaughton, Puti Simich-Pene, Miriama McDowell

Millennial Jenny, directed by Emmett Skilton

Rickety Banter, directed by Josh Hunter

We look forward to welcoming them, and all the other shows yet to submit and be selected, to this year’s festival.