#NZWF17 ran Saturday 18 November at Media Design School, Auckland.

The event was generously supported by NZ On Air, with assistance from FilmFreeway, Just the Ticket, and Media Design School.

For the first time, NZ Web Fest became a participating festival in the Web Series World Cup, alongside festivals in Bilbao, Buenos Aires, Giessen, Hamburg, London, Marseille, Melbourne, Miami, Rio De Janeiro, Sicily, Seoul, Toronto, Valencia, Vancouver and Washington DC.

Also for the first time, not all shows selected were nominated for awards.

The shows selected were:
A Horrible World, Agoro the Phobic Monster, All Bi Myself, Amy Street, Ana, Nga Ringa Toi o Tahu (Art From The Hands Of Ngai Tahu), Artemio, Auckward Love, Bertrand, [Blank] My Life, Bleed, Bright Summer Night, Bruce The Series, Conversations with Teen Mums, Darren Has A Breakdown, Duam, Esther’s Style, Face To Faith, Friday Night Bites, Glimpse: Aurelia, Hahana, Hani’s Barber Shop, Happy Playland, He Ao Kotahi: Pai In Palestine, Hermann Sox, High Life, High Road, Jezabel, Juana, Le Myriapode, Lucy Lewis Can’t Lose, Magnify Melbourne, Meet the Ladybugs, Now I Can Make, Oompher, Or So The Story Goes, Orazio’s Clan, Other People’s Children, Poi – Hopes And Dreams, Question Time, Real Tinder Convos, Shakespeare Republic, Shorts About Giants, Someday Stories, Sparebnb, Sui Generis, Telegraph Cove, The Adventures of Broken Heart, The Amazing Hoolister Park, The Maori Side Steps, The Sisterhood, The Spell Tutor, The Video Store, The Watercooler, The Wizards Of Aus, These Two, This is Desmondo Ray!, Tinder is the Night, What Are We Going to do About Poppet?, Yukata Cowboy and Zyara.

Screening Programme

11:00AM: A: (Love of the) Common People
Bertrand, Other People’s Children,
Question Time, The Video Store

11:00AM: B: A Land Down Under
Agoro the Phobic Monster, Bruce The Series, High Life,
Magnify Melbourne, Shakespeare Republic, The Wizards Of Aus

12 NOON: A: Maimoatia
Conversations with Teen Mums, Hahana, The Maori Side Steps, Nga Ringa Toi o Tahu (Art From The Hands Of Ngai Tahu), Oompher, Poi – Hopes And Dreams

12 NOON: B: When Will I Be Loved?
Auckward Love, Bright Summer Night, Meet the Ladybugs
The Sisterhood, Tinder is the Night

1:00PM: A: Don’t Fear The Reaper
Bleed, Jezabel, Orazio’s Clan,
Telegraph Cove, What Are We Going to do About Poppet?

1:00PM: B: Smile (Tho’ Your Heart Is Aching)
[Blank] My Life, Friday Night Bites, Hermann Sox,
These Two, The Watercooler

2:00PM: A: Honesty Is No Excuse
Face To Faith, Hani’s Barber Shop,
He Ao Kotahi: Pai In Palestine,
High Road, Someday Stories

2:00PM: B: John, I’m Only Dancing
All Bi Myself, Happy Playland,
Or So The Story Goes, Sui Generis

3:00PM: A: I Need A Hero
Amy Street, DUAM, Glimpse: Aurelia,
Le Myriapode, Lucy Lewis Can’t Lose,
Now I Can Make, This is Desmondo Ray!

3:00PM: B: Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina
A Horrible World, The Adventures of Broken Heart,
Ana, Artemio, Juana, Shorts About Giants

4:00PM: A: One More Time
Darren Has A Breakdown, Esther’s Style,
The Spell Tutor, Zyara

4:00PM: B: Wherever I Lay My Hat
The Amazing Hoolister Park, Real Tinder Convos,
Sparebnb, Yukata Cowboy


7:00PM: Doors open

7:30PM: #NZWF17 Awards
Hayley Sproull hosted the awards ceremony

8:30PM: #NZWF17 Awards After Party

Winners are marked ***


Agoro the Phobic Monster
Hermann Sox
The Adventures of Broken Heart

*** This is Desmondo Ray!

All Bi Myself
Hani’s Barber Shop

*** The Sisterhood
Tinder is the Night

BEST DIRECTOR (International Factual)

Carolina Costa, Face To Faith, Switzerland
Esteban Menis, A Horrible World, Argentina
La Trobe University students, Magnify Melbourne, Australia
*** Muriel Aboulrouss, Zyara, Lebanon

BEST SHOW (International Factual)
A Horrible World, Argentina
Face To Faith, Switzerland
Magnify Melbourne, Australia
*** Zyara, Lebanon

BEST ACTOR (International Narrative)
Benson Jack Anthony, High Life, Australia
*** Bertrand Usclat, Bertrand, France
Matthew Houston, Darren Has A Breakdown, UK
Richard Davies, Bruce The Series, Australia
Toni Pandolfo, Orazio’s Clan, Switzerland

BEST ACTRESS (International Narrative)
*** Hélène Kuhn, Jezabel, France
Odessa Young, High Life, Australia
Rainni Moran, Or So The Story Goes, USA
Savonna Spracklin, Telegraph Cove, Canada
Valentina Violo, Orazio’s Clan, Switzerland

BEST DIRECTOR (International Narrative)
Güido Simonetti, Ana, Argentina
*** Luke Eve, High Life, Australia
Sally Maclean, Shakespeare Republic, Australia
Riccardo Bernasconi, Francesca Reverdito, Orazio’s Clan, Switzerland
Roberto Nascimento, Sui Generis, Brazil
Valentin Bordeau, Jerome Montignies, Duam, France

Duam, France, for its scope and scale

BEST SHOW (International Narrative)
Bruce The Series, Australia
Duam, France
Esther’s Style, Argentina
*** High Life, Australia
Orazio’s Clan, Switzerland
Shakespeare Republic, Australia


Direct Selection awards are reciprocal with partner festivals.
All NZ titles selected for #NZWF17 were eligible for consideration.

Copehagen Web Fest 2018:
Happy Playland, High Road and Nga Ringa Toi o Tahu

Melbourne WebFest 2018:
Poi – Hopes And Dreams

Seoul Web Fest 2018:
Lucy Lewis Can’t Lose

*** Kirsty Griffin, Viv Kernick, Amy Street
Levi Beamish, Glimpse: Aurelia
Paula Jones, He Ao Kotahi: Pai In Palestine
Simon Leslie, Nga Ringa Toi o Tahu (Art From The Hands Of Ngai Tahu)
Lanita Ririnui-Ryan, Ngatapa Black, Poi – Hopes And Dreams

Poi – Hopes And Dreams, for cinematography

BEST SHOW (NZ Factual)
*** Amy Street
Glimpse: Aurelia
Nga Ringa Toi o Tahu (Art From The Hands Of Ngai Tahu)

*** Poi – Hopes And Dreams

Auckward Love
Bright Summer Night

*** Friday Night Bites
*** The Maori Side Steps
The Video Store

BEST ACTOR (NZ Narrative)
Cohen Holloway, The Maori Side Steps
Jonny Brugh, The Watercooler
Liam Coleman, These Two
*** Mark Mitchinson, High Road

*** Holly Shervey, Auckward Love
Luci Hare, Auckward Love
Neenah Dekkers-Reihana, Happy Playland
Thomasin McKenzie, Lucy Lewis Can’t Lose

Elsie Bollinger, Sally Bollinger, Happy Playland
Emmett Skilton, Auckward Love
*** Justin Harwood, High Road
Mike Minogue, Andy Campion, Olly Coleman, Charlie Bleakley, The Watercooler
Roseanne Liang, Friday Night Bites
Tamati Kawha, The Maori Side Steps

BEST SHOW (NZ Narrative)
Auckward Love
Friday Night Bites
Happy Playland

*** High Road
The Maori Side Steps
The Video Store


The #NZWF17 Jury members were:
Alex Galvin, Anna Currie, Bevan Chuang, Cameron Rhodes, Claris Jacobs, David Stubbs, Elsie Bollinger, Janette Howe, Minnie Grace, Pete Rive, Simon Leslie, Thomas Coppell, Thomas Robins and Tui Ruwhiu


#NZWF17 was delivered by
Ahla Saeed, Ailsa Leibrick, Aline Frey, Amar Singh, Amirah Ali, Andrew Strugnell, Anggit Pangastuti, Becky Payne, Dagbjört Kristjánsdóttir, Hanna Lu, Keith Barclay, Natasha Bishop, Patricia Ramos, Phoebe Hamer, Sam Skeath and Tiffany Watson

Special Thanks to
Brenda Leeuwenberg at NZ On Air