#NZWF19 Programme

Here’s our 2019 programme. We’re adding presenter bios here as we announce them. Please check back or follow our social media channels to keep up to date with any late changes.

You can download a pdf of the festival programme by clicking the image below.




Screening 1
Screening 2

9.30AM: Doors Open

9.50AM: Welcome

10AM: The Cheque’s in the Mail

Teasers, trailers, binge drops, staggered releases, long tails, diminishing returns, prequels and sequels and spin-offs.

What strategies maximise opportunities for creators to generate a return from web series?

Holly Shervey, Auckward Love, Millennial Jenny
Peter Haynes, AFK, Ao-terror-oa
Tupe Solomon-Tanoa’i, Misadventures of a Pacific Professional

10AM: Growing Pains

“Wanna hang with the big boys and play with the big toys
And be with the people making all that goddamn noise”

Detention Adventure

The Drawing Show

Fast Heroes Sixty

Knock Knock

Magic of the Mermaid

The Spell Tutor

10AM: Perfect Day

“Oh, it’s such a perfect day,
I’m glad I spent it with you”

Comedians Eating Plants

Fallin’ Off


Lost Connection

Macbeth – King of the Favela

What’s Your Problem?

Screening 1
Screening 2

11AM: It Must be True

Less than a decade ago there was very limited funding and broadcaster interest in local factual content. Now NZ factual content is booming online.

Is there a renaissance, have our viewing habits changed, or is factual content just cheaper to make?

Brian Holland, Magnetic Pictures, K Rd Chronicles
Crystal Vaega, Tiki Lounge Productions, Daughters of the Migration, HousieWives, Legendary Polynesia
José Barbosa, The Spinoff, Get It To Te Papa
Dan Shanan, Doc Edge

11AM: How Bizarre

“It’s making me crazy
Every time I look around”




The Holiest One


Whisper Naked Shadow

11AM: Kill This Love

“What should I do?
I can’t stand myself for being so weak”

Friday the 13th

Last Breath



Touch Wood

The Year of Yes

Screening 1
Screening 2

12PM: The Grass is Greener

International creators discuss the pros and cons of making shows in the cultural and funding environments they work in.

Asmara Bhattacharya, Middle of Snowhere (USA)
Cam Faull, Swipe Right (Australia)
Herman Wang, The Spell Tutor (Canada)
Lanita Ririnui, Poi 360, Poi Hopes & Dreams, Fan Girl (NZ)

12PM: This Time (I Know It’s For Real)

“What would I have to do,
To get you to notice me too?”

Misadventures of a Pacific Professional

Miss Amazing

People Like Us



The Watercooler

12PM: That’s My Girl

“You got to get up and get it.
Get mad independent,
and don’t you ever forget it”



Jessica’s Tree

Millennial Jenny

On the Rag


Screening 1
Screening 2

2PM: Last Breath

A case study of award-winning Australian anthology series Last Breath. The show was created by Melbourne-based collective of female actors, directors, writers, producers, theatremakers and filmmakers, Girls Act Good, in association with F Word Films.

Last Breath is nominated for two awards at #NZWF19.

Jennifer Monk, founder, Girls Act Good
Kelley Kerr Young, Girls Act Good
Shanon Kulupach, Girls Act Good

2PM: Save The World

“We’re far from home,
It’s for the better.
What we dream,
It’s all that matters”

Daughters of the Migration

The Josh & Mearle Diaries

Middle of Snowhere


Stories of Bike

2PM: Homesick

“You give me a reason
Something to believe in
You give me a meaning
Something I can breathe in”

Alien Weaponry Shake Europe

Crips in Cars

Dreaming Whilst Black

Get it to Te Papa

Legendary Polynesians

The Streets Barber Stories

Screening 1
Screening 2

3PM: Rainbow Warriors

Creators of LGBTQ+ content on the opportunities and challenges.

Gary Daniels, Eating with Soula
Jake Pitcher, Touch Wood
Rose McMahon, In the Rainbow
Nikki Si’ulepa

3PM: Purple Rain

“Never meant to cause you any trouble
Never meant to cause you any pain…”

Chekhov: Screenlife

Farm Crime

Gay & Loathing

High Rising

K Road Chronicles

The Twist

3PM: Hard To Be Humble

“I can’t wait to look in the mirror
‘Cause I get better looking each day”

Eating with Soula


How to Know You’re Dating a Narcissist

In Bed

Swipe Right

Tales from Pussy Willow

True Dating Stories

Screening 1
Screening 2

4PM: World Premiere: Loner

Creator Lauren Porteous presents the world premiere screening of dramedy web series Loner.

Charlotte’s best-friend Mel convinces her to come out of her shell. At a party she meets someone, a spark flies but is soon snuffed out. But is that the end or the beginning?

Followed by Q&A.

4PM: Opposites Attract

“Baby, it seems we never ever agree
You like the movies and I like TV”


Lost & Found Cowboy

Lotte Haus

Skeleton Crew

Wind Bell

4PM: Scary Monsters

“When I looked in her eyes,
They were blue but nobody home,
She could’ve been a killer,
If she didn’t walk the way she do.”

20 Seconds to Live

Otsoen Lurraldean

Over And Out

Running With Violet


Utopia Planitia



Join our hosts Emmett Skilton and Soula Marie as we reveal and celebrate the winners of our NZ and International award categories. Doors open 7pm.
See the full list of nominees here